Getting Started with WorldWide Telescope

The WorldWide Telescope Ambassadors program has excellent resources to get started with WWT, start with "Learn How To User WorldWide Telescope" and see below

You can use World Wide Telescope by installing it on a Windows PC or using the Web Client

Use the WorldWide Telescope Web Client

After launching the WorldWide Telescope Web Client, click the down arrow under the Explore tab and select Tour WWT Features.

Install WorldWide Telescope on a Windows PC

After downloading WorldWide Telescope, install and launch the program. Upon first opening the Home screen, you’ll find a dialogue box that tells you how to navigate in the WorldWide Telescope.

Learn More

To learn more about WWT you can check out the user guide, the WorldWide Telescope Ambassadors' YouTube channel, and our YouTube channel, starting with the "Getting Started" video below:

This video was rendered from a WorldWide Telescope tour: Getting Started with WWT.

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